The History

The Money Guy Show Started with a Vision


Brian and Bo here. What started as a passion project back in 2006, before podcasting was even a thing, has grown into one of the most fulfilling achievements of our lives.

We took this simple belief that anyone can become wealthy regardless of income level or background growing up and we decided to do something about it. Coming from humble beginnings ourselves, we learned through life experiences, hard work, discipline, gratitude, and generosity that most people can take their finances to the next level with a little direction.

What’s more, we knew from our own lives that becoming wealthy didn’t require complicated investment strategies or exclusive opportunities. As a fiduciary financial planner, Brian helped people build confidence in their finances with simple strategies everyday and put it into practice in his own life, too. He felt that everyone, not just financial planners and their clients, should be equipped with this life-changing knowledge.

Brian always wanted to be a teacher and felt compelled to teach people about money. So, he took to this new thing called podcasting (remember, it was 2006). Without even knowing who would want to listen, he started talking about money and offering honest insights, lessons, and steps on how to build wealth, avoid mistakes, and reach financial goals steadily over time.

People started listening. In 2008, Brian made Bo his first full-time hire and by 2011, they were hosting the show together, bringing even more insight and entertainment. Podcast listeners started reaching out, making us realize there was a true family forming around our little podcast. In 2017, we added a YouTube channel to the mix, allowing even more people to discover and interact with foundational knowledge about building wealth.

Today, we continue to live in this abundance mindset – giving away as much as we can for free in the hopes that it impacts and improves the lives of others. Because we know when one of us succeeds, we all succeed, and we want to be part of a ripple effect that lifts up as many people as possible through simple and smart financial advice.

Our goal is to help you learn smart financial strategies, apply them to your life, and watch your finances grow!

When you follow these simple financial strategies, we know you can reach financial success. We’ve seen so many people remember who loaded them up with free financial advice reach back out, ready to become clients of our financial planning firm, Abound Wealth. We call this the Abundance Cycle.

Today, The Money Guy Show reaches well over a million people every week through the podcast and our YouTube channel. The best part? We feel like we’re just getting started! We still have so many ideas and plans for the future. So, welcome to The Money Guy Family. We couldn’t be more thrilled that you’re here.

God bless,

Brian and Bo