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Aug 27

Is the Current Education System a Waste of Time and Money?

Investing in yourself through education is often quoted as “one of the best investments you can make”… but is it true? Let’s examine the current system along with education of all types to help you assess which type is worth it for YOU and which is not. The love of learning is powerful. We want to help you harness it and turn it into both fulfillment and an awesome army of dollar bills!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Which types of education provide the greatest financial returns
  • How to decide if a certain type of degree is financially worth it for you
  • How to handle college the “right” way
  • When higher education may NOT be the right choice
  • Life-changing education opportunities that could take your finances to the next level
  • Free (or cheap) ways to educate yourself on things that matter

Research and resources from this episode:

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